Professional ergonomic consultation


ErGo-knowhow is specialized in providing advice to both employees and employers, so that they are able to reduce or prevent work related health issues.

PC Workstation Ergonomics

ErGo-knowhow has proven expertise in providing courses that increase awareness of work related risks as well as practical instruction for prevention, both to groups and/or individuals. “PC Workstation Ergonomics” course and implementation of improvements from individual workplace analysis. In cases where a physical illness or complaint is work related, ErGo-knowhow determines the source of the problem.

Physical Strain

Musculoskeletal Complaints are responsible for approximately one third of the absenteeism in the Netherlands. A substantial expenditure for companies. ErGo-knowhow approaches the problem of physical strain at work effectively, starting at the source: How can the stress be reduced? And at least as important: what can the employees do on their own to ensure their work doesn’t affect their physical health adversely?

Workplace Checklist

ErGo-knowhow has developed a workplace checklist for VDU workstations. It shows in an easy way how to adjust your workplace. You can buy the checklist in our webshop and place it there where you can see it when adjusting your workplace.

Client Portfolio

A few examples of clients of ErGo-knowhow (formerly known as Arbosteun)

About ErGo-knowhow

ErGo-knowhow is specialized in the prevention and alleviation of work related physical complaints. With clientele throughout all of Europe, ErGo-knowhow provides advice to both employees and managers in how to improve the work environment.

Ilya Slingerland-den Dulk

Ergonomic Expert

Would you like to prevent or alleviate the work related physical illnesses and/or issues within your organization? Call or send an E-mail to: [email protected]

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